AudiAnnotate IIIF Concept Chart

AudiAnnotate IIIF Aviary Notes Examples
Item Canvas File Could have more than one media file but practically does not; Two media files would be two canvases (see example) on one manifest. Universal Viewer example
One or more file(s) that we annotate Manifest Resource Must have a Canvas; may contain more than one Canvas Three interviews by a single Holocaust survivor; two sides of one tape
Annotation: Timestamped text commentary on AV A W3C-compliant file aggregating annotations, associated with a manifest SENT example; all the annotations identifying environmental noise for one recording; another annotation page might have technical sounds
An annotation layer: Aggregate collection of annotation pages in one or across multiple manifests or canvases W3C annotation collections (bag) Annotation page type label Conceptually: A means of organizing annotations by category. Multiple audio files have the same kinds of annotations across them. Multiple environmental annotation pages associated with multiple Canvases or manifests
Projects, editions, exhibition – multiple Manifests associated with one GitHub repository Collections: assembly of one or more than one manifest into a IIIF JSON file TBD A set of related AV materials with contextual information (e.g., front matter, explicatory prose Example AudiAnnotate Project
TBD Structures – an index or a TOC for a single manifest; a structure can span multiple canvases An array with a range and a label and a list of items (which also have ranges so can be nested) IIIF manifest example; Universal Viewer example