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Workflows for generating audio IIIF manifests by HiPSTAS and Brumfield Labs.

Lesson Plans

The lessons below serve as an introduction to annotation as a method for understanding sensitive audiovisual resources, structuring annotations in a machine-readable format, and uploading and presenting audio annotations using the AudiAnnotate application. Both lessons focus on engaging with sensitive archival material in individual or group settings. The first lesson may also be read as a general introduction to annotating with AudiAnnotate, but includes tips for classroom settings. The second lesson is structured as a more traditional classroom lesson plan. The pages throughout the lesson serve as guides for teachers and students.

  1. An Introduction to Annotating and Presenting Sensitive Audio Using AudiAnnotate: This lesson can be used as a guide to annotating sensitive audio, or as a more general introduction to AudiAnnotate. Tips throughout share modifications for group or classroom use.
  2. Example Sensitive Audio Lesson: John Beecher, McComb “Criminal Syndicalism” Case: This lesson is geared at classroom use. The introduction includes the lesson plan and resources, and serves as a guide for the instructor, and parts 1-4 are student-facing asynchronous activities.