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Workflows for generating AV editions and exhibits using IIIF manifests by HiPSTAS and Brumfield Labs.

Workshop Agenda

Thursday, May 28 12-2pm CT.

12:00-12:10 - Introductions

12:10-12:15 - Introduce AudiAnnotate project and SpokenWeb example (slides)

12:15-12:25 - IIIF-AV and annotations (slides)

12:25-12:35 - AudiAnnotate Application simple workflow walkthrough

Documentation of workflow

12:35-12:45 - Break out rooms: Hands-on creation of AudiAnnotate project and manifest

Links to SpokenWeb Audio:

12:45-12:50 - Q&A

12:50-12:55 - Creating annotations using Audacity

12:55-1:05 - Layers and kinds of annotations; adding layers to project

1:05-1:20 - Break out rooms: Hands-on create your own annotations and upload into AudiAnnotate

1:20-1:35 - Static sites, Jekyll and GitHub (slides)

1:35-2:00 - Q&A and conclusions